Understanding Your Brand

Brand awareness is often underappreciated, not carefully planned or managed, and not used to it’s fullest capacity. So what is ‘brand awareness’ you ask? Simply put, it is the recognition of your corporate brand among consumers as a recognizable product in the marketplace.

When you read, hear, or see the names of big companies such as Apple or Microsoft, Papa Johns or Dominoes, and Ford or Toyota, what comes to mind?

Do you think of a computer, or do you begin to crave food, can you see yourself driving down the street? I would assume you would have answered yes to one if not to each of these questions because each of these companies have a powerful ‘brand’ awarness globally.

Here is another example of a strong corporate brand in a local area. When I lived in Springville, UT I lived near a gas station, Jakes Brookside, which was an convenience store establishment I frequented on a regular basis to fill up my car and get a Dr. Pepper. Why was this gas station a well branded company? Because it was a landmark. Perfectly placed on two main crossroads within Springville City, thousands and thousands of residents passed it each day on their way to work, taking kids to school, or going to a movie. Jake’s Brookside was always there, every day.

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