A purpose-driven, narrative-focused, creative agency

We are dedicated to uncovering the untapped potential of brands. With a relentless passion for innovation, we reimagine their narrative, breathing new life into their story. Our team harnesses the power of creativity and strategic thinking to build unstoppable momentum, propelling brands to new heights of success. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to transform ordinary brands into extraordinary forces in their respective industries. 

“Sam is AWESOME! When you work with Sam, he invests an amazing amount of time and energy into your business. He becomes vested in your success. I can’t think of anything more valuable that someone in marketing could offer.”

Our goals

Embrace change

Drive growth

Build relationships

Discover potential


Our history

Before SixLAVA
Having worked in a variety of industries prior to starting SixLAVA, the team of individuals we've gathered has over 50 years of combined experience in private, public, and nonprofit industries. Our combine experience has allowed us to work with Fortune 500 companies, Higher Education, Medical, Financial Services, U.S. Federal Contractors, SAAS, Engineering firms, and so many others. Our plethora of experience enables us to work in any industry and help them create the brand that fits their values, goals, and mission.
Our foundations
SixLAVA started in January 2018 and was primarily focused on offering businesses strategic B2B consulting services for C-level executives and their businesses, as well offering B2B marketing and sales training services. SixLAVA created specific website content services to SAAS companies and nonprofit organizations.
Branding & narrative services
We quickly realized that our clients needed more services so we brought on Mark allowing SixLAVA to offer exclusive full-service branding, design, and marketing services dedicated to the pursuit of preeminent and organic alignment and corporate narrative.
Fundraising & sales
Our first client in this effort was a local nonprofit and we raised over $800k from organizations such as Walmart, Kroger, Eccles Foundation, The State of Utah, and many others. We continued optimizing each clients brand experience, marketing strategies, and B2B industry penetration efforts.
Bringing on more professionals
As we have hit several milestones as a company it has become necessary to expand and bring on more and better talent. Therefore, we’ve brought on partners in sales and marketing who focus efforts on the West Coast. We have also expanded our offerings by bringing on Jordan Augustine who is an award-winning director and corporate video production executive to oversee client video production projects for our clients. Recently, we have added Amazon consulting services to our portfolio by offering clients strategic marketing, sales, product placement, and management services by bringing on Dan Gordon, a seasoned professional having worked for Malouf and their consulting department managing their large book of business.

Our team

Shift Your Narrative.

Shift Your Paradigm.

We are a global creative marketing agency dedicated to purpose, driven, narrative-focused marketing.
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Sam Brand

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Overseer
Strategic Sentinel
Boardroom Battler
 Decision Dynamo

Meet Sam Brand, a seasoned CEO and Owner with an impressive 23-year career spanning diverse sectors, including finance, marketing, and advertising. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family & Consumer Sciences from Utah State University in 2001, followed by a Master of Science degree in Financial Planning from Kansas State University in 2005. Samuel’s expertise spans various domains, including Business Development, Sales Training, Corporate Sales, Marketing, Creative Design, and Business Strategy. Throughout his distinguished career, he has achieved over $175M in sales goals through a strategic blend of networking, fundraising, business development, and storytelling.

Sam is renowned for his ability to build and lead teams, harnessing the power of a vast professional network of over 21,000 connections on LinkedIn. His work ethic is characterized by a tenacious problem-solving approach, diving deep into challenges to uncover innovative solutions that drive businesses to new heights. He is an active contributor to professional organizations, constantly refining his craft and contributing to the advancement of his field. Samuel’s passion for the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape propels him to be at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. In sum, Sam Brand is a standout leader in the business world, embodying the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Mark Ellsworth

Chief Creative Officer

Visionary Maestro
 Creative Conjuror
 Aesthetic Avenger
Inspiration Instigator

Mark’s interests, experiences, and passions lie in pedagogies, mythologies, and phenomenologies. In other words, he is a teacher and storyteller with an aim to create memorable experiential moments.

Mark has three degrees in media studies, including a BA from Brigham Young University (BYU) and a Masters degree in Film Studies from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand (VUW). He has lectured at both BYU and VUW on video production, film history, East Asian cinema, and various other topics as well as taught in K-12 classes.

Mark has worked and consulted with multiple companies, including startups, to create brand identities that convey their corporate story, express their core values, and help establish and maintain expectations. While he has also written, edited, and consulted on various novels and screenplays, he fancies himself predominantly a visual storyteller.

Dan Gordon


Market Maverick
Client Cultivator
Opportunity Orchestrator
Deal Dynamo
Strategy Sage
Growth Guru
Networking Ninja
Revenue Rainmaker
Partnership Pioneer
Innovation Instigator

Dan Gordon is a seasoned marketing writer and content marketing specialist with a wealth of experience across various industries. With a passion for crafting compelling narratives, Dan has a proven track record of creating impactful content that resonates with audiences. His expertise extends to concepting and copywriting for diverse campaigns, including digital, print, outdoor, TV, and radio. Dan’s dedication to his craft has made him a valuable asset in the world of marketing and communications. Whether it’s telling a brand’s story or engaging customers through creative content, Dan’s skills and insights are at the forefront of driving success. 

Tony Harvey

Director of celebrity relations

Fame Forger
Stardom Strategist
Publicity Prodigy
VIP Voyager
Starpower Synergist
A-List Alchemist
Hollywood Harmony Maven
Icon Interaction Instigator
Glamour Guru
Celeb Connector Extraordinaire

Tony has over 20 years of Marketing & Branding experience. He has worked with major brands like Target, Apple, Ford, and Universal. He has pioneered startups and mid-level companies to heighten branding and profitability. He has been a leading force in media as well with significant celebrity relationships, procuring partnerships with companies Jack Daniels, Converse, Nike, PAC-SUN, and Forever21. His vast network and vision have created growth in companies over the last five years of a multiple of 10x. Tony is a leading technologist and entrepreneur. He is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Crowdstarter and the Wolphbrain Group.

Jordan Augustine

director of Video Production

Cinematic Sentinel
Motion Picture Magician
Reel Revolutionary
Directorial Dynamo

Jordan Augustine has 20+ years of experience as a producer, writer, and director of feature length and short form scripted and unscripted content for film and television. Jordan has worked on studio and independent productions, from Disney’s The Lone Ranger to National Geographic TV’s Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr. Being fluent in the Cambodian language, Jordan produced an award-nominated feature length documentary early in his career called River of Victory about a young Cambodian mother’s journey to heal her sick son while living in a garbage dump. He is currently producing a number of projects in various stages of development, including an animated children’s series called Adam and the Octopus Club and a sci-fi horror feature film called Oubliette, estimated to be completed in 2023.

Tom Broschinsky


Advertising Alchemist
Media Maestro
Acquisition Ace
Audience Architect
ROI Ruler
Budget Ninja
Targeting Trailblazer
Data Doyen
Conversion Commander
Ad Buying Dynamo

Meet Tom Broschinsky, a seasoned Senior Ad Buyer with an extensive 11-year background in Digital Marketing and Social Advertising. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University, majoring in Public Relations & Corporate Communications and minoring in Business Management. His knowledge of Meta Ad Buying, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, and Influencer Marketing comes from years of hands-on experience managing and consulting on over $10 million in ad spend.

He has led extraordinary growth, taking a company’s social media presence from a modest 14,000 to a staggering 650,000. His efforts didn’t stop there – he also expanded the email list to over 200,000.

Tom’s work ethic is characterized by an analytical approach to problem-solving. He delves into the minutiae of the challenges at hand and the goals to be achieved. He is passionate about finding solutions within the guardrails of specific platforms, such as Meta.

As a board member of the Logan Silicon Slopes chapter, Tom is deeply embedded in the professional network, where he continues to grow and learn.

Tom’s love for the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing fuels his drive. This dynamic industry is not just his job, but his playground for innovation and adaptation.


Social Media Manager

Social Sorcerer
Engagement Empress
Content Crusader
Community Captain
Hashtag Hero
Digital Influencer
Trend Tracker
Social Strategist
Conversation Catalyst
Brand Ambassador

Grace is the Social Media Manager here at SixLAVA. She is no stranger to the digital world and loves to create imaginative content that tells a story. Grace first started creating on social media two years ago as a way to share about the things she loves and cultivate a community of others who shared her interests, and now she is so excited to bring the skills she has learned to SixLAVA to help businesses grow their own social platforms and engage with their communities. Grace has found some amazing success on social media, and has even had several videos receive over 1,000,000 views. She focuses on developing material that generates excitement and intrigue in an audience, and keeps them coming back for more. When she isn’t filming videos and posting pictures, Grace loves to travel, especially if it’s to one of the Disney Parks. She will watch any and every 2000’s chick flick under the sun, and always has a half-finished craft tucked away somewhere that she’ll finish eventually.