Mynell Counting House Branding Case Study

The problem that needed fixing:

A forward-thinking partnership between SixLAVA and Mynell Counting House took flight as the latter envisioned a transformative journey from a locally acknowledged bookkeeping firm to a nationally acclaimed brand.

Driven by the aspirations of founders Amanda and Marilyn to establish an independent, inclusive, and woman-owned business, this case study unveils the collaborative efforts that propelled Mynell Counting House towards an elevated market presence and a narrative-rich identity that resonates with a diverse clientele.

Our solution:

What were the objectives of the project?

Market Distinction:

Elevate the brand’s recognition from a local to a national level, setting it apart as a prominent player in the bookkeeping industry.

Narrative Enhancement:

Develop a brand narrative that emphasizes independence from the owners, Amanda and Marilyn, while maintaining their personal touch, allowing the business to resonate more broadly.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Establish the brand as a woman-owned business that extends a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to clients of all backgrounds.

Position Strengthening:

Consolidate the current market position and create a foundation for sustained growth in alignment with the company’s aspirations.